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Coming Soon…

From the inception of Narconia, there have been lots of questions and one important thing to note is that we have lots of questions too! Narconia is really a collaboration and we need users to tell us what they think, so we want to keep you updated on some new features and changes you can expect in the coming months.

Expect to see some video updates and mini-promos to help answer any questions you have about our model and how we operate.

Expect to see that we are launching a cleaner, more user-friendly design and interface and will need user feedback to know what you love and hate about the new site.

As we move into the new year you’ll be amazed at what we are putting together for the Work Zone area of the site, it will allow our users to fully manage teams and collaborate through a crisp web interface.

Finally, we are pushing forward and working to actively form strong strategic partnerships that will help our users make their dreams a reality!

Special thanks to Qais Alkurdi and Chris Martin, our web development team for working so hard on our site development and design! Can’t wait to show the community what we’ve come up with.

Happy Creating,
- The Narconia Team


Experts Speak About Crowd Sourcing.

It’s easy for us to talk wonders of the future of open collaboration and invention help from a community, but let’s see what some world-renowned speakers think.
Take your pick and enjoy. =)

Ownership vs Employment

Few people seem to understand the value of ownership over employment until they no longer have a job. Being an owner in America means freedom. Contrary to popular belief, however, you do have a boss when you become self employed. Your boss is the end user of your business or invention.

A certain Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak scrounged together $1,750 to start Apple Computers in 1976.  Through the prospecting of opportunity, hard work, and dedication, only 4 years later when Apple became a public company, Jobs possessed 7.5 million shares (217 million dollars); “Woz” was assigned four million sares (116 million dollars). Markkula’s share of seven million shares was worth 203 million.

Quite a nice return if you ask me. Owning only about 12% of his 1.8 Billion dollar business in the time it takes your average student to get a college degree had Jobs set for life!

US Unemployment Trend

US Unemployment Trend

With global unemployment at staggering highs and wealth inequality following suit, counting on others for a steady salary is becoming more and more unsure.

Average retirement age in the US is 67 and early retirement average is at 62.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life? Working hard without a guarantee that your job will be there tomorrow, or working hard without a guarantee that your passion will generate future value?

Work with other people who are autonomous and enthusiastic about your work, and only time will tell for sure. Odds are, however, that if many people are interested in your project, you’re sitting on a golden egg.

Love your role, own your effort, and help improve peoples’ lives. The reward will follow.

Happy Creating,

-The Narconia Team


A Dedication to Occupy Wall Street

Civilization: A human society that has highly developed material and spiritual resources and a complex cultural, political, and legal organization; an advanced state in social development.

No one fully understands the abstract and complex workings of a civilization. However, the benefit to ALL is clear and measurable.

The desire to hog resources stems from an emotional, animal-like instinct to survive. The greater intellect of the human race has proven time and again that there is a direct benefit for doing exactly the opposite.

It took miners, ceramic experts, plumbers, construction workers, politicians, bankers, investors, chemical engineers, industrial engineers, and many others to form the basic luxury of taking a dump inside your home! It took the happiness, intelligence, and safety of their parents, friends, and community to educate and inspire them to build that difference together. Could we have birthed GOOG, AAPL, IBM, XOM, or any other US opportunities without a happy society? What does the future have in store? If you think your life is as good as it gets, join the huge list of ignorant people throughout history who mistakenly thought the same.

Belittling and even worse, prohibiting a person’s struggle based on your opinion is exactly how civilizations break down and empires fall.

Wise up 1%! You need the 99% to keep our country on top. Re-invest in the society that provided you with opportunity.  Let capital flow again.  Right now!

Or you can wait till we know less, have less, and you’re losing your fortune to China. It’s then that you’ll understand the benefit of a happy society to your life and the lives of your sons and daughters, but that’s exactly when it’ll be too late.

I, Robby Roufail, support the grievances portrayed by Occupy Wall Street.


Promotion Winners

Collaboration Collage

After an awesome presentation from Ramez Antoun and Nick Bleil yesterday followed by a 2 hour brainstorming session, it became clear to me, once again, that it can be a lot of fun to work with others who are passionate about what they do.

Project Epular was approved yesterday as Narconia’s first project. At, we’ll seek to reduce the inconvenience associated with building a research team while creating a collaborative community that integrates diversity of thought into experiments and theories to challenge our knowledge about the world.

Currently, reaching into different fields of study to attract research professionals can be a hassle. By creating an intellectual online community, identifying advice, suggestions, conflicting work, or cross-discipline participation should be easier than ever.

You can learn more about the project here or apply to contribute for a stake here.


Easy Creating? Never.

Creating innovation takes hard work and dedication. It always will.

If you’re expecting an easy way to take a team to the top, you’ll be sorely mistaken. Your team will only work as hard as you, and a leader leads by example. Lead the way and your team will follow. Ask for help, look for suggestions, distribute tasks, but if you’re lounging, don’t expect things to get done.


Who are these other guys?

When Narconia was born, we thought we were the only ones attempting to make ideation through social collaboration possible. Of course, as we began our market research we realized that there are lots of others trying to do what we are! That’s when we really got to thinking…what makes us different? Why will people love us the most?

Well we found that no other site really lets the creators take hold of their idea. Most sites think that they can do it better than you. We really believe that your passion will drive you to achieve the change you want to see or solve a problem that really wigs you out. Narconia believes in the power of creators and how a community can provide a unique set of checks and balances. They’ll keep you in check, make sure you are paying people enough for their contributions and ensure that the project is moving in a direction that makes sense because a community is like having a board of directors and amazing market research!

Like most great ideas, ours came from the frustration of not having a place to take an idea from inception to completion, because like most great entrepreneurs I’ve tried many times to start businesses. Most discussions with people end in questions and comments but there was really no way for me to capture a larger audience and really understand if the idea was viable and the risk was one that I was willing to take. Well, Narconia will be a place for this to happen and best of all is that everyone gets to enjoy a piece of the pie! and let’s face it…pie is delicious.

Keep idea-ating!

The Narconia Team


Narconia Ideas Survey

We have just launched our first survey, The Narconia Ideas Survey! We want your feedback as we continue to grow and understand our users and incorporate this into the site. Remember you don’t have to wait for a survey to tell us how you feel or what you think. Feel free to give us feedback on any part of the site or via facebook or twitter! We’re always happy to hear from our users!

Launch the survey by clicking here.


The Paranoid Inventor

To take a good idea and REALLY make it happen is very difficult.

Including alternative view-points, ideas, and brainpower increases your chance of success with a project exponentially.

Using discretion and being careful is important, but the inventor in a bubble will seldom grow to his/her full potential.

The question then becomes, “Do I want to own all of nothing, or a portion of something?”

Even after completion, the wants and needs of people change. The market never lets inventors rest.


On Rockethub

We’re up on Rockethub. In your face Kickstarter!